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Can Original BTC and Davey Lighting lights be used in a Bathroom?

This depends on what bathroom ‘zone’ you plan to install your light fitting. Bathrooms are divided into zones and depending on what zone you intend to install your light fitting in, determines what, if any ‘ingress protection’ level (IP rating) is required from the fitting. 

Refer to the diagram below for guidance on the zoned areas.

In zone 1 and 2, light fittings should have a minimum level of IPX4 (splash proof). If they are likely to be cleaned using water jets (including direct contact from a shower or hose) they should have a minimum level of IPX5.

When it comes to sink basins, the area that is inside a 60cm radius from the water outlet eg taps is considered as zone 2. If you wish to install a light fitting outside the 60cm radius and the proposed location is 1.2m or more from a bath/shower, then the area is classed as ‘unzoned’ and therefore does not require a greater IP rating than IP20.

All Original BTC lights are IP20 rated, which means they are not suitable for installation inside zone 2 (or zone 1 & 0), but may be installed in an ‘unzoned’ area of a bathroom. However, as bathrooms tend to be areas of high humidity, you may wish to use lighting that has an IP rating, even if the zone does not require it. Note that portable light fittings (Table lights and Floor lights) are not permitted in any area of a bathroom. Wall lights with in-line cord switches or switches on the base are not permitted in any area of a bathroom.
Davey Lighting produce a large range of IP44 rated (or higher) products, which are suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 bathroom use, as well as external use.

Any light fitting intended for bathroom use, must be installed by a qualified electrician and connected to a 30mA RCD final circuit. If in any doubt, it is recommended they are consulted over the suitability of a Light fitting for bathroom installation prior to ordering.