Creating a great first impression of your home

When it comes to creating a welcoming and inviting home, one area that often gets overlooked is the exterior of the house. It is the design and ambience of this area, and specifically the front door, that plays one of the most important roles in the story of your home.


The front door is the gateway to where you live. It is the area passers-by will focus on when walking past your home, and it’s the place visitors will spend time looking whilst they wait to be invited in. Like a good book, the entrance to your home should set the tone for what’s inside, and draw visitors in. First impressions count, and creating a beautiful entryway will give your home a more inviting exterior.


And it’s not just visitors who’ll appreciate a stylish front door. Every time you and your family arrive home, the exterior is the first thing you’ll see. If it’s untidy and dimly lit, you won’t feel happy to be home.


We’ve put together some ideas to help you create an attractive, welcoming entry that you and your visitors will love. To find out how, simply read on…


1. Lead guests towards your front door

The first thing to consider is how your entryway helps visitors get to where they need to be. Whether you’ve got a long, sweeping driveway, or a few steps leading up to the front door, the pathway should be clear and well-marked so that visitors are guided safely up a path and into your home. For inspiration, refer to our step lights:


2. Ensure the area is well-lit

Lighting also plays an important part in creating an ambiance around your front door. Particularly in the winter months, arriving at a dark house can be confusing and intimidating. A well-lit exterior removes this confusion and makes your home look warm and inviting. Light a porch with an elegant IP-rated pendant lantern, or choose attractive bulkhead wall lights to illuminate the front door. Both ideas will create a more welcoming environment, and make your home feel special and appealing.


3. Bring the inside out

As the entrance is the first impression of your home that guests will experience, take the opportunity to introduce them to your style and décor while they’re waiting to be invited in. A welcome mat and pot plants can help to express your personality and give visitors a taste of what they’ll see once inside. Paint and wall treatments can also be used outside, and you can continue the transition into your hallway area with a complementary colour palette and textures.


Remember IP ratings

Given that many of the lights mentioned in this post will be used outside, be sure to check the IP ratings of the lights you choose. External lighting will be exposed to varying temperatures and water (such as rain and sprinklers), and this is where the IP rating becomes important. IP simply stands for ‘ingress protection’ and indicates the level of protection the unit has been given. 

Thankfully, at Original BTC we have a large range of IP44 rated (or higher) products, which are not only suitable for as external use, but are designed to be long-lasting while also retaining their aesthetic appearance. 

At Original BTC, we specialise in stylish lighting solutions for both interior and exterior design. To see our full range visit, or speak to one of our experts about your next project on  0845 094 1858 or visit our website.